10 things you might want to add to your dental practice

When you are designing a commercial space you need to rely on your knowledge of materials that are on the market today. All the materials that you use in your office are going to make your practice unique, fresh and modern at the end of construction. Your space should be one that you desire to walk into everyday. Lots of dentists we consult with on remodeling their practices cant’ stand their carpet and dingy walls any longer. They are eager to ripe out old lighting and ceiling tiles and when demo day comes they welcome it. Seeing how their practice can look eases the anxiety of the construction process. Put these on your wish list, Get inspired!
  1. Flat screen in lobby
  2. New Flooring
  3. New Feature wall in Lobby
  4. New countertops
  5. New Artwork
  6. New Doors
  7. New Ceiling Tiles
  8. Under Cabinet Lighting
  9. New Lighting in exam rooms
  10. New Cabinets

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