Need to rent a space for your office? Two important choices in rental space

With so many choices for rental spaces, especially in the Washington, DC metro area, each one has their advantages and disadvantages. The two main choices are between a “Build-Out” and a “Built-Out” practice space. The former refers to a space that is a newly constructed shell without an interior, allowing you to design most aspects to your liking. The latter is an already finished space where almost all interior work is complete, but only gives you the option of remodeling if there are major design elements that don’t suite your practice- it’s already been “built out”.


Build-Out Space

If you are leasing a space in a brand new office development, chances are you are getting the “shell” of your new space. Leaving items such as walls extents and locations of mechanical fixtures open to change so you can create the office space of your dreams.



    • Creative freedom
    • Good investment for a long-term practice
    • You can create the office of your dreams and start from scratch



    • Most expensive option
    • Specialized architects and interior designer are needed
    • Landlord may not approve of all design choices


Built-Out Space

Built out spaces are much more prevalent in the market and are by far the more popular choice for any healthcare professional’s first practice.



    • Lower cost
    • Remodeling can be undertaken with the help of architects, interior designers, and construction firms
    • Process is often faster, enabling the practice to open its doors sooner


    • Less creative freedom
    • More overall restrictions
    • Landlord’s remodeling allowance (“Tenant Improvement”) won’t cover all costs


A “Build-Out” office is the dream of every medical professional, or any business owner really, but they are often hard to find and often significantly more pricey than spaces that already have been built out. With the right architect and construction partner on your side, however,  you can make the most out of either type of commercial space to adjust the design to fit your business’ needs. Giving Liberty Group Construction a call today will be the first step to turning your dream space into a reality!