Being Environmentally Friendly

Why LEED Certification Matters First, there is the straightforward reward that comes with certification, such as access to expert technical support; wide-ranging marketing benefits; and most importantly, the unbiased, transparent assurance that the project team cut no corners in the making or updating of your Class A green building. The LEED plaque means leadership, and it lets everyone know that the building has an integrated design that will be energy and water efficient, while increasing occupant health and comfort. Without that assurance, projects can face various market disadvantages, such as opportunity costs, accelerated obsolescence, or structural competitive disadvantage. On the public buildings front, third-party verification is critical to showing taxpayers that their money is being well-spent on sustainable, resilient buildings that save energy and money. But certification, a prominent display of leadership, also has a large impact on the community’s uptake of green building. Source: Trust but verify: Why LEED certification matters | Fleming Roberts

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