Architectural Modeling

Let our designers develop your dream building, office or clinic by taking your idea from concept to reality. Our CAD Software specialists work with your project’s architects, contractors, and interior designers to develop a 3D rendering of your entire space that you can conduct virtual walkthroughs with. We provide a level of detail in these rendered models to allow you to experience the layout of your entire space and analyze how it works with the design intent, color themes, and furniture/equipment layout.

Once we have finalized the majority of the design using 3D Renderings, Liberty Group will construct a 1:16 scale architectural model for the client to use as a reference for the remaining duration of the design and construction phase. These 3D Virtual Walkthroughs and physical models serve as a key element in identifying and solving design and functionally issues early in the design phase, which results in both a higher-quality special design and a streamlined construction schedule.