Dr. Phillip Martin, Quality Dental

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Project Description

Dr. Phillip Martin
Quality Dental

Located at 15511 Annapolis Rd, Bowie, Maryland 20715
Finished in 2018

Liberty Group first became involved in the pursuit for this dental office after direction from our partner Chaz Feitel over at Health-Pro Realty Group. Our client Dr. Philip Martin has had over 10 years of experience in the medical field and also comes from a family of dentists, so we knew this would be the perfect opportunity to present the level of detail and precision that Liberty Group’s build quality strives to achieve. We immediately on-boarded designer Tim Fichtler to direct the 1850 sq ft space planning efforts, as he has more than 2500 dental office layouts under his belt.  

The design for our client Dr. Martin, owner of Quality Dental, incorporated open-office operatories that received dedicated Nitrous Oxide lines. Our friend Scott Gorsuch, our go-to dental equipment specialist from Benco, worked closely with Dr. Martin to ensure that his new treatment rooms would be fitted with the state-of-the art equipment that an upscale practice would require. His technical background was a huge help with training the technicians in the proper procedures for operating the new X-ray machines.

When Dr. Martin’s not busy running his own dental practice, he enjoys playing the saxaphone and producing incredible music, which you can hear in the Business Promo Video Liberty Group produced for him. Located in the thriving Village Center shopping center, we expect business to continue growing for Dr. Martin after his successful grand opening.

About Quality Dental

For his grand opening, Liberty Group produced this video outlining what makes Dr. Cochran’s practice special. This is one of the many offerings that places Liberty Group apart from other contractors, in that we go beyond just designing and building your space to ensure your success.


Dr. Ben Liu, Super Kids Dentistry


Project Description

Dr. Ben Liu
Super Kids Dentistry

Located at 5204 Dawes Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22311
Finished in 2015

This entire 1,926 SQ FT dentistry is designed to replicate any child’s dream playground. The vibrant colors, waterfalls and “rolling” treatment room partitions create an atmosphere for young patients to explore while giving them a fun memory of their last visit to the dentist.

Dr. Sobia Carter, RVA Childrens Dentistry


Project Description

Dr. Sobia Carter
RVA Childrens Dentistry

Located at 10571 Telegraph Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059
Finished in 2017

This 1,350 SQ FT pediatric dentistry was designed to stand out from typical pediatric layouts by incorporating a mosaic at the front wall, water structures that highlight an open-wall treatment area, and a full-reflective ceiling.


Dr. Chantal Bikoi, Artistic Dentistry


Project Description

Dr. Chantal Bikoi
Artistic Dentistry

Located at 1200 East-West Highway, Unit 3 Silver Spring, MD 20910
Finished in 2017

This 2,083 SQ FT family dentistry creates a unique dynamic for anyone walking in with an elegant open waiting room that receives natural lighting through the large glass storefront. Each treatment room features uniquely-themed spaces with backlit walls displaying designs that invoke a calming sensation for patients.

I had the pleasure of working with Liberty group construction for my first professional project. Liberty group construction aided in the construction of my dental practice, and I have two words for them `` Thank You``. Liberty group did not only manage to turn my dream practice into reality but they surpassed my expectation. I had the pleasure of working with the CEO of the company and I appreciate his hands on approach and his dedication. John made sure that the job was nothing short of professional but he also made it a priority to build a relationship with his client(s). Once again thank you John Sanati and Liberty Group construction and get ready to build my second dream!

Dr. Chantal Bikoi

Dr. Thy Nguyen, Crown Dental Care


Project Description

Dr. Thy Nguyen
Crown Dental Care

Located at 9873 Century Blvd, Suite 210, Germantown, MD 20874
Finished in 2015

A challenge that comes with designing a 1,500 SQ FT family dentistry clinic is furnishing the space in a manner that is inviting and accommodating to all ages. For Crown Dental Care, we designed the entrance spaces with a neutral color pallet that created an alluring path to the spacious treatment rooms that featured state-of-the art dental equipment. The contemporary styled waiting area served as a relaxing space for patients to treat themselves to refreshments and mini internet cafe.


Liberty Group was highly recommended by our real estate agent, and we were not disappointed.

Dr. Thy Nguyen

Dr. Arlene Lamba, Blush Med Skincare


Project Description

Dr. Arlene Lamba
Blush Med Skincare

Located at 4915 Cordell Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814
Finished in 2000

This is the first of three dermatology clinics Liberty Group has designed and built for Blush Med Skincare, a clinic run by Dr. Arlene Lamba and her husband Dr. Herman Singh. At the heart of downtown Bethesda, this was the place to go for anyone looking to get expert advise and incredible skin care treatment. Liberty Construction made sure to incorporate Dr. Lamba and Dr. Singh’s vision for a “Spa” feel into the 1000 SQ FT interior layout, and when paired with the vibrant LED glass storefront, this overall design housed the the success that led to several more Blush’s opening soon after.

Interview with Dr. Herman Singh

We at Blush Med Institute could not be happier with the clinic that Liberty Group: Construction and Design has created for us. You know that feeling you get when you first start a vacation? That kind of tingly sensation where you feel that anything is possible, but you are perfectly happy doing absolutely nothing too? Well, that’s what we want it to feel like when you come into Blush. And fortunately, we met just the design geniuses that could make it happen.
Every detail is intentional. The blue of the walls have been meticulously matched to the cerulean blue of our product packaging. The counterpoint of white, and its generous use throughout the space, creates a mood of serenity. One of our primary signature elements, the Blush Blending Bar, is home to a staggering array of complementary elements, including natural mother of pearl tiles direct from Hong Kong and genuine alabaster from Italy. The Swarovski crystal lights in the ceiling were flown in direct from Germany. Seriously – walking through this place is like the world’s most exciting geography lesson.
Of course, we want you to be greeted with great design as soon as you enter the reception area, which features bottom-lit potions on tree pedestals and an ornate crystal chandelier. The conference room boasts a custom Italian white marble table that seats eight, complemented by pristine white chairs – also of Italian origin.
We also made sure our sense of design extended into the treatment rooms. After all, that’s where the real artistry takes place. Here, you’ll find playful white-on-white custom cabinetry, along with full-height white marble back splashes behind the sinks – elements that create pleasing forms while performing an all-important anti-microbial function at the same time.
In our doctors’ offices, you’ll find intricate tile work of marble and mother-of-pearl (for an overall effect of embroidery), a translucent wall, bold punches of lipstick red color, and exquisite veined marble tiling.
Though we like to think our space is a work of art unto itself, the real masterpieces are the results we achieve for our patients.

Dr. Herman Singh, 
Blush Med Institute

Dr. Alireza Sharafi, My Smileville


Project Description

Dr. Alireza Sharafi
My Smileville

Located at 46165 Westlake Drive Suite 200, Sterling, VA 20165
Finished in 2012

This is the second pediatric dental clinic that Liberty Group has built for Dr. Sharafi and his wife Dr. Dadkhah, and we made sure to take every step necessary to ensure that children are beyond excited to step into a 1,700 SQ FT space that features interactive water-light structures, aquariums embedded in the walls, and tilted flat screen TVs above the treatment chairs to watch while getting your teeth cleaned! Uniquely patterned Centiva Flooring paired with vibrant lighting and a reflective ceiling create a dental clinic where Liberty Group is proud to know that children are excited to visit!

Dr. Moein Darjani & Ali Manesh, Ideal Endodontics


Project Description

Dr. Moein Darjani & Ali Manesh
Ideal Endodontics

Located at 1145 19th Street NW Suite 314 Washington, DC 20036
Finished in 2017

Liberty Group’s goal, while designing this 1,170 Sq Ft Endodontic Clinic located in Washington DC, was to create a space that emphasized the owners’ focus on utilization of the highest end dental equipment available to create a reputation for their growing practice. The contemporary, bright design theme highlights the state-of-the art equipment located in treatment rooms, while a custom LED-backlit front desk displays the practice’s logo prominently for all visitors.