Project Description

Dr. Chantal Bikoi
Artistic Dentistry

Located at 1200 East-West Highway, Unit 3 Silver Spring, MD 20910
Finished in 2017

This 2,083 SQ FT family dentistry creates a unique dynamic for anyone walking in with an elegant open waiting room that receives natural lighting through the large glass storefront. Each treatment room features uniquely-themed spaces with backlit walls displaying designs that invoke a calming sensation for patients.

I had the pleasure of working with Liberty group construction for my first professional project. Liberty group construction aided in the construction of my dental practice, and I have two words for them `` Thank You``. Liberty group did not only manage to turn my dream practice into reality but they surpassed my expectation. I had the pleasure of working with the CEO of the company and I appreciate his hands on approach and his dedication. John made sure that the job was nothing short of professional but he also made it a priority to build a relationship with his client(s). Once again thank you John Sanati and Liberty Group construction and get ready to build my second dream!

Dr. Chantal Bikoi