What Clients Say About Us

RVA Children's Dentistry, Sobia N. Carter, DDS

“I recommend Liberty Group Construction and Design because they were always accessible, provided support throughout the entire construction process, and went above and beyond to make my vision a reality.”

Kazemi Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

“Liberty Group’s attention to detail, creativity and ability to create a process to do something as complex as a construction, is what made my experience with them and enjoyable one.”

Pet Parents, John McNeal

“I recommend Liberty Group for several reasons, but the main reason is that their quality of work is unbeatable. If I have to send someone a recommendation, they can just walk in the store; it says Liberty Group all over it.”

Blush Med Institute, Dr. Herman Singh

“We at Blush Med Institute could
not be happier with the
clinic that Liberty Group has
created for us.”

Crown Dental Care, Dr. Thy Nguyen

“Liberty Group was
highly recommended by our
real estate agent, and
we were not disappointed.”

Mary's Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Mary Fowler

“We always came to
a good resolution through
every up and down. The project
turned out excellent.”

Wild Birds Unlimited, Sherri Barlett

“We found in Liberty Group a great team that was able to follow our franchise’s specifications, stay on top of permits and delivered on time. We are very pleased with their work.”

Dr. Phillip Martin, Quality Dental

“I love the owner John’s personality, his energy, and I knew that he wanted the best for me, my family, and most importantly, my project”. “They didn’t give me any roadblock to give me my vision”

Dr. Chun AuYeung, Eyes on Norbeck

“I recommend Liberty Group because they are family-oriented and they hold your hand throughout the whole process, which for any new business-owner you need”

Dr. Minhthu Phan and Dr. Carolyn Chang, All Star Pediatric Dentistry

“We wanted someone that we could trust and that we could go to with any problems, and we wanted to involved with every step of the way.” “John was available from day 1, even late hours and weekends- whenever we had questions.”

Dr. Amanda Romsa Polack, District Orthodontics

“John was amazing and always there to help when I needed it”

Dr. Brian Cochran, Cochran Family Dental

“I chose Liberty Group because I heard great things about them. John is the type of guy to make things right now matter what.”

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