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Achieve Veterinary Urgent Care

Dr. Jones & Dr. Nolan

Rockville, MD 

Achieve Veterinary Urgent Care / Rockville, Maryland


The latest veterinary clinic that Liberty Construction is proud to add to our healthcare portfolio – Achieve Veterinary Urgent Care is a cutting-edge emergency vet care center meticulously designed and built by our team for Dr. Jones and Dr. Nolans. Situated in the heart of Rockville, this state-of-the-art facility, envisioned and designed by Z-Dimensional, stands as a testament to our dedication to building spaces that prioritize the well-being of your pets.

Our commitment to creating a modern experience is evident in every facet of the interior design. Every material choice is a testament to our dedication to fostering a welcoming atmosphere for both furry patients and their human companions. At the heart of our design philosophy is a departure from the stereotypical clinical setting, creating an environment that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

The Reception and Seating Area represents a strategic intersection of form and function. Thoughtfully designed to harness natural light, this space recognizes its profound impact on employee efficiency, guest comfort, and the emotional well-being of animals undergoing the healing process. The utilization of natural light not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to a positive and uplifting atmosphere, making the veterinary experience more pleasant for all involved.

Our design team approached the color palette with a deep understanding of animal psychology and visibility, aligning seamlessly with the overall branding of ACHIEVE, the veterinary clinic's identity. The mindful selection of colors ensures a harmonious and calming environment for pets while maintaining a visually appealing and professional aesthetic for human visitors.

The primary objective throughout the design process was to create an airy, inviting, and uplifting environment. Our contemporary, pet-centric space redefines the veterinary office experience, transcending the conventional to offer a space that not only meets the highest standards of healthcare but also elevates the overall experience for both pets and their owners. Liberty Construction, in collaboration with Z-Dimensional, has successfully created a veterinary clinic that goes beyond expectations, setting a new benchmark for excellence in pet care facilities in Rockville, MD.

Hear about Dr. Jones' experience building his new veterinary urgent care with Liberty Construction.

“We needed someone who understood what a medical office needs, especially in veterinary medicine.” -Dr. Jones


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