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Young Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Natalie Muir-Young

Arlington, VA

Young Smiles Pediatric Dentistry / Arlington, Virginia


Check out the new Young Smiles pediatric dentistry in Arlington, VA, where Scandinavian-inspired design transforms our space into a cozy and comforting haven for children. Meticulously crafted by Liberty Construction and artistically envisioned by Z-Dimensional, this practice seamlessly blends functionality with style to create an inviting environment for our young patients.

 This interior design philosophy revolves around the principles of simplicity and warmth. Clean white walls and soft textures envelop the space, radiating a sense of tranquility and comfort. Playful pops of color and whimsical prints infuse joy and fun into the atmosphere, while adding layers of visual interest that evoke the cherished Scandinavian concept of hygge.

 At Young Smiles, we prioritized uncluttered spaces that stimulate curiosity and imagination in children. Friendly animal prints, nature motifs, and geometric patterns adorn our walls, inviting young minds to explore and discover. Each element of our design is carefully curated to foster a sense of wonder and creativity in the young patients.

 From the moment families step into Young Smiles, they are greeted with a sense of warmth and modern sophistication. With precision construction by Liberty Construction and visionary design by Z-Dimensional, this practice redefines the standards for pediatric dental care. Young Smiles offers a welcoming and reassuring environment for families seeking top-notch pediatric dental services in Arlington, VA.

Hear about Dr. Muir-Young's experience building their new pediatric dentistry with Liberty Construction.

“I really wanted a construction company that could provide that guidance to somebody who has never done this before.”

-Dr. Natalie Muir-Young 


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