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Pinto & Hoyos Dentistry

Dr. Pinto & Dr. Hoyos

Fairfax Station, VA

Pinto & Hoyos Dentistry / Fairfax Station, Virginia


Check out this new edition to Liberty Construction’s portfolio, Pinto & Hoyos Dentistry in Fairfax Station, VA, where innovation meets comfort in the realm of dental care. Meticulously designed by Z-Dimensional, this space sets a new standard for modern dental practices, seamlessly blending cutting-edge design with the timeless allure of industrial charm.

From the moment you step through our doors, you're enveloped in an atmosphere designed to inspire and soothe. Our interior design is a testament to the perfect fusion of contemporary elegance and practical comfort. Each detail, from the carefully curated color palette to the rugged beauty of exposed brick walls and sleek metal accents, is thoughtfully considered to evoke creativity and relaxation.

Captivating accent lighting dances along the hallway, guiding you through our space with an enchanting glow. As you enter the Treatment Rooms, you're met with individual abstract wall murals, each a captivating expression of artistic ingenuity. These vibrant focal points infuse the rooms with energy and inspiration, ensuring that every corner of the practice keeps you engaged and invigorated at every turn.

Our commitment to excellence in both functionality and aesthetics ensures that every visit is a delightful experience, where patients feel welcomed and cared for in a space that transcends the ordinary.

With precision construction and visionary design, Pinto & Hoyos Dentistry represents a harmonious collaboration of talent and expertise. Together, we've created a haven where patients can find solace in modern sophistication, redefining the journey of dental care in Fairfax Station, VA, and beyond.

Hear about Dr. Hoyos & Dr. Pinto's experience building their new dental office with Liberty Construction.

“Once we contacted them, they were very clear about what steps we needed to do. They were able to really listen to our concerns and actually capture the vision that we had for this office.”

-Dr. Hoyos


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