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Dr. Floss Family Dentistry

Dr. Pablo Ruck

Fredericksburg, VA

Dr. Floss Family Dentistry / Fredericksburg, Virginia


Dr. Floss Family Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA, designed by ALine Architecture and built by Liberty Construction, stands out as an exemplary project. The final results perfectly captured the vision for the practice, with ALine Architecture's design consultants ensuring a smooth and efficient process, leaving everyone delighted with the outcome.

 Liberty Construction delivered a dental office that is both comfortable and sophisticated. The modern design features sleek gray wood grain cabinetry with brushed metal handles, a pristine white marble countertop in the kitchenette, and contemporary dark blue and white upholstered dental chairs. The advanced equipment, including a panoramic X-ray machine and a digital imaging workstation, underscores the clinic’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. Decorative touches like small potted plants and a well-organized setup enhance the clean and professional ambiance.

 This project exemplifies Liberty Construction's dedication to excellence and innovation in medical space design. The successful collaboration with Dr. Ruck, Dr. Floss, and ALine Architecture resulted in a state-of-the-art dental office that meets the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. The entire team takes pride in the exceptional outcome, reflecting their commitment to creating top-tier healthcare environments.

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"He took his time to answer questions to guide me through the process, and successfully push the project to its completion."


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