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Kazemi Smile Studio

Dr. Ryan Kazemi

Bethesda, Maryland

Kazemi Smile Studio / Bethesda, Maryland


In 2015, the Washington Commander’s Official Oral Surgeon, Dr. Ryan Kazemi, hired Liberty Construction to build the 2000 sqft expansions of his existing dental practice featuring a FORUM that hosts continued education courses and lectures. The level of modern design, advanced tech and sound engineering only began here.

In 2020, Dr. Kazemi brought Liberty back to discuss his vision for another expansion of his Bethesda office. This time to design a space to host both patient consults and podcast recordings; an idea even we haven’t seen before. It's always a pleasure revisiting our past projects and reconnecting with our previous clients to see their space gradually progress and become more advanced, and the new Smile Studio was no exception. Liberty Construction spent a lot of time with Dr. Kazemi to design the space efficiently to house all the core functions of filming, collaboration/presentation, digital production, patient photoshoots and consultations. The final result turned out amazing. Dr. Kazemi not only has a dedicated area to educate his patients, create 3D models and document procedures; the podcast studio incorporated in the consultation area allows a seamless transition to where Dr. Kazemi can share this information with his vast audience online!

The Liberty Construction team is extremely thankful for the opportunity to design and build something different once again with a client that shares the same drive to explore new designs and ideas.

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