Project Description

Location:  4915 Cordell Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814

Size: 1000 SQ FT

Year Completed:  2000

Project Description/Challenges: This is the first of three dermatology clinics Liberty Group has designed and built for Blush Med Skincare, a clinic run by Dr. Arlene Lamba and her husband Dr. Herman Singh. At the heart of downtown Bethesda, this was the place to go for anyone looking to get expert advise and incredible skin care treatment. Liberty Construction made sure to incorporate Dr. Lamba and Dr. Singh’s vision for a “Spa” feel into the interior layout, and when paired with the vibrant LED glass storefront, this overall design housed the the success that led to several more Blush’s opening soon after.

Interview with Dr. Herman Singh

We at Blush Med Institute could not be happier with the clinic that Liberty Group: Construction and Design has created for us. You know that feeling you get when you first start a vacation? That kind of tingly sensation where you feel that anything is possible, but you are perfectly happy doing absolutely nothing too? Well, that’s what we want it to feel like when you come into Blush. And fortunately, we met just the design geniuses that could make it happen.
Every detail is intentional. The blue of the walls have been meticulously matched to the cerulean blue of our product packaging. The counterpoint of white, and its generous use throughout the space, creates a mood of serenity. One of our primary signature elements, the Blush Blending Bar, is home to a staggering array of complementary elements, including natural mother of pearl tiles direct from Hong Kong and genuine alabaster from Italy. The Swarovski crystal lights in the ceiling were flown in direct from Germany. Seriously – walking through this place is like the world’s most exciting geography lesson.
Of course, we want you to be greeted with great design as soon as you enter the reception area, which features bottom-lit potions on tree pedestals and an ornate crystal chandelier. The conference room boasts a custom Italian white marble table that seats eight, complemented by pristine white chairs – also of Italian origin.
We also made sure our sense of design extended into the treatment rooms. After all, that’s where the real artistry takes place. Here, you’ll find playful white-on-white custom cabinetry, along with full-height white marble back splashes behind the sinks – elements that create pleasing forms while performing an all-important anti-microbial function at the same time.
In our doctors’ offices, you’ll find intricate tile work of marble and mother-of-pearl (for an overall effect of embroidery), a translucent wall, bold punches of lipstick red color, and exquisite veined marble tiling.
Though we like to think our space is a work of art unto itself, the real masterpieces are the results we achieve for our patients.

Dr. Herman Singh, 
Blush Med Institute